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For Event Marketers

If you need to justify event spending and measure an exhibit’s return on investment, here’s how we can help:

  • On–site surveys

    Enigma’s on–site surveys will sample visitors to your exhibit and help you develop strategies to ensure that event marketing dollars are well spent. Our survey crews are experienced with all types of consumer shows and trade exhibitions and we are fully prepared to conduct a survey at your exhibit, even on short notice.

  • Short–term follow–up surveys

    At many busy trade shows delegates have very little time and it is best to make contact after they have visited the show. For these types of surveys, respondents are contacted after they have been either recruited by our staff at your exhibit or through your existing lead generation system. Another advantage of this type of survey is that respondents can tell you how your exhibit compared to your competitors’ displays at the show.

  • Economic Impact Surveys

    Promoting a strong corporate image at trade and consumer shows is important, however these days the bottom line is very often sales and ROI. Through follow–up interviews several weeks or months after the show, our long–term sales tracking surveys measure purchases and determine exactly how much revenue is generated as a result of your exhibit. Many of our clients conduct identical surveys at multiple events to benchmark their entire event marketing program.

  • Competitive Intelligence Surveys

    Many marketing executives and exhibit managers are so busy that before setup day is even over, they are already hopping a plane to the next show or meeting! With such fast–paced schedules, it is absolutely impossible for high–level executives to take a good look at their competitors’ latest offerings. Enigma’s competitive intelligence surveys document and photograph every detail of your competitors’ exhibits and report back all the findings you need to stay up–to–date. We can also monitor your staff and subcontractors to ensure that your exhibit is being properly managed while you are away.

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