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For Event Organizers

If you need to measure economic impact and quantify the benefits of sponsoring your event, here’s how we can help:

  • Sponsorship surveys

    Enigma’s sponsorship surveys measure all the key aspects of your sponsorship or exhibitor program, including product use, product preferences, attitudes towards sponsors, sponsor recall, and demographics. Give your sales team the tools they need to increase renewals and attract more sponsors and exhibitors.

  • Economic impact surveys

    Every event benefits surrounding business, from small restaurants and merchants to governments and major tourist attractions. Our economic impact surveys will collect the data you need to prove to other organizations that supporting your event will pay back many times over. Join the long list of our clients who have received additional private and public sector investment when armed with robust economic impact data.

  • Marketing Surveys

    Marketing, advertising, and promotion is one of the most expensive aspects of running an event. Proper statistics on your audience’s media preferences, combined with a measurement of your current program effectiveness can be a very valuable tool. A simple shift of ineffective advertising to a more effective media can pay for the cost of the research many times over!

  • Visitor Satisfaction Surveys

    Without attendees and participants, no event could exist for very long. Visitor satisfaction surveys by Enigma evaluate your event through many parameters, including programming, logistics, food and beverage quality, entertainment value, and value for money. Ensure your event’s success by learning your attendees’ needs and what it takes to keep them coming back.

  • Combination Surveys

    Highly successful events are often managed by a dynamic team of dedicated professionals, with expertise in programming, marketing, sales, and logistics. In many cases, the entire team knows the value of research and any surveys undertaken must be shared by all. Our researchers are very experienced at dealing with event management teams and our combination surveys will meet the needs of your sponsorship, marketing, and programming departments all at once.

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