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For Insights Managers

If you need to collect on-site data for program evaluation and product development, here’s how we can help:

  • On–site surveys

    Enigma Research Corporation is a world leader in on–site research and we regularly collect samples of up to 2000 respondents at all types of venues. With our proven sampling methods and our vast knowledge of event traffic flows, we always obtain representative samples and fulfill our quotas. If you require an on–site survey to evaluate your sponsorship program, our competent data collection teams always get the job done, even on short notice.

  • Short–term follow–up surveys

    Most successful sponsors have already determined that audiences recognize and appreciate their sponsorships, but many strive to reach the higher goal of sponsorship retention. For these clients, Enigma’s researchers collect basic information from attendees at an event site, then follow up several days or weeks later by telephone to determine if the message has been retained. Enigma’s sponsorship surveys will help your team measure retention and develop strategies to increase it.

  • Economic Impact Surveys

    For many sponsors, awareness and corporate image is becoming less important and the main objective is strictly sales. We recommend our long–term tracking surveys for these types of clients. Our researchers’ robust ROI data and actionable recommendations will help you measure sales and achieve your targets.

  • General population awareness surveys

    The last decade has seen enormous increases in venue and title sponsorships and rights fees have skyrocketed. This trend will continue as more sponsors realize that these sponsorships offer very high value, extending far beyond the immediate attendees of an event or venue. Enigma’s general population sponsorship awareness studies measure the full impact of large–scale sponsorships and develop tactics to ensure that your investment is maximized.

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